Meet Chloe Zoe & Her Friends!

Chloe Zoe is a sweet young elephant who loves celebrating the holidays and trying new things! Along with her friends Mary Margaret the crocodile and Georgethe giraffe, Chloe Zoe learns important lessons about getting along with friends, enjoying new experiences, and most of all, having fun!

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It's Halloween,      Chloe Zoe!

Chloe Zoe is going trick-or-treating with Mary Margaret and George! They fill their bags with candy until they get to the scary, old house. What if a witch lives there?

It's Thanksgiving,  Chloe Zoe!

It's Thanksgiving and Chloe Zoe is helping Grammy Ella with her famous pumpkin pie! But when the spices get mixed up, will Thanksgiving be a disaster?

It's Valentine's Day, Chloe Zoe!

Chloe Zoe’s class is having a valentineexchange! Chloe Zoe made valentines forall her classmates, including an extra-specialred-robot-cherry-lollipop valentine for herextra-special friend George. But when itcomes time to hand them out, the specialvalentine for George is missing! Can ChloeZoe and her friends work together to findthe missing valentine?

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It's Easter, Chloe Zoe!

Chloe Zoe and her friends are going to thebig Easter egg hunt! Chloe Zoe wants to findthe sparkling golden egg with a special prizeinside! Everyone’s Easter baskets are fillingup except Mary Margaret’s. So Chloe Zoe andfriends work together to help fill her basket.But when Mary Margaret finds the sparklinggolden egg, Chloe Zoe is upset! What will thetrio find when they crack the egg open?

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It's the First Day of Preschool, Chloe Zoe!

Chloe Zoe is starting preschool today, butshe’s a little nervous. What if she doesn’t likeit? Mommy tells her that she will get to singsongs, read stories, and paint pictures. ButChloe Zoe isn’t so sure. She’d rather stay athome and play with her little sister. Will ChloeZoe discover how fun preschool is before theday is over?

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It's the First Day of Kindergarten, Chloe Zoe!

Chloe Zoe is starting kindergarten! Full daysof school for a full week. She has a newbackpack and matching lunch box and is soexcited to see her best friends Mary Margaretand George. On the first day of school, ChloeZoe discovers Mary Margaret is in a differentkindergarten class. Will kindergarten be anyfun without her best friend?

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